We START up!

WE START UP! So far only with BLOG… (written by A, reviewed by B)

Because queries for BLOG are multiplying and we are pretty much at the loose ends (haha), we told ourselves, we would finally start to produce some texts. And also the endless skype discussions with Boby on skype are slowly driving me mad, so I need some writing therapy… Just kidding, the main reason is to give you regularly (once a week at least) some basic information about what we´re up to, what´s good, what´s bad and what we dream about.


As the date of departure nears, we have to deal with more and more stuffs. Sometimes I have problem to keep track of everything. Definitely it´s a good school of planning and communication. We´re trying to get into media. Fortunately, there is lot of skillful people, helping to compensate our inability in this field. Another chapter is sponsor-hunt. I dont want to see the phone bills. Furthermore I fear, Boby´s ear will just drop off. We think about crowdfunding, plan repair session with Laďa, communicate with russian and czech scouts, try to figure out the visa and carnet permit for cars, create FB posts, plan the route, quarrel, drink tea and learn russian…As I said…boooring…
That´s it for today, Boby will censor it anyway….

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