In the summer of 2015 will scouts from more than 160 countries worldwide meet near the Japanese Hiroshima on Jamboree. Most of the participants will travel to Japan by plane. But we would like to be an exception and therefore we will travel by exceptional car. Throughout our journey, we intend to show the world capabilities of Czech Scouts and quality of Czech products. Thank to photos and diary entries scouts from all over the world will be able to watch our adventure on-line.


1 ) to reach the Jamboree in Japan,

2 ) to represent the Czech scouting and ideas on which it is based,

3 ) to learn about foreign scouting and initiate the exchange of experiences,

4 ) to represent Czech manufacturers and dealers.


Neither of us can unfortunately remember, when exactly the idea sprang out. It happened probably during our ride to meeting for participants of Ekumenická lesní škola [Ecumenical Wood badge school] in the fall of 2012. The proposal to go to Japan came upon presumably because Ali is a lover of Japanese art and literature and around that time it was already clear, where will the next Jamboree take place. And because we like crazy challenges, the idea of an old Škoda car as a mean of transport came almost immediately.

ABOUT THE SCOUTINGjunak_logo_bar

Scouting means a team of friends and opportunity, scouting is a lifestyle. Scout (resp. Junák) is an educational organization, that prepares children and young people for lifeit learns them responsibility, communication skills, dealing with information, critical thinking and independence. It wants to drive children back to nature and offer them quality and meaningful use of their free time. The largest Czech scout organizations is Junák – czech scouting, which we are both members.


logo-japanSince 1920, every four years, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts from all over the world meet on a two-week gathering – Jamboree. Its aim is primarily to break down ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious barriers among the participants. Thus scouts show the whole world fulfillment of fundamental ideas on which the scout movement stands. For 2015 fell pleasant duty to organize Jamboree on Japanese Scouts. Gathering under their conductance will be held from July 28 to August 8, and if ourŠkodovka” will allow uswe hopefully won´t miss it!